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  I fell in love with the culinary world at a very young age and with my family’s encouragement, I have now made that love into a career. I have been working in the industry since 2010 when I started at Turf Club Catering just out of high school. I have since then completed my Bachelors of Science in Culinary Management. The program exposed me to a variety of world cuisines, ingredients and techniques from around the globe. Instruction in kitchen management, purchasing, cost control, menu design, and dining room operation provided me with business acumen. I have also focused on communications, training, leadership, management, accounting, marketing, financial management, and employee relations. Throughout school I worked in various positions to gain a better understanding in both front of house and the back of house operations. Since finishing school I have worked in many management rolls gaining as much experience as I can.

Currently I work for Cosmopolitan Catering as a Chef Manager running the dinning operations for Intuitive Surgical. On a daily average I serve up to 1,500 people through the 6 cafes I run on their campus. I have a very talented staff of 25 helping me make each day a success. I am very confident in my abilities and have many plans for my future including teaching others one day what I have learned. 


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