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Spam Musubi

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Makes 8 individual Musubi's

1 Can of Original Spam, cut into 8 slices

3 pieces of roasted nori sheets, cut into 2.5 inch strips

2 cups of sushi rice

2 cups water

1 tbsp of sake

3 tbsp of rice vinegar

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/3 cup white sugar

Kui Douraku Furikake or your favorite Furikake

Step 1

Mix together soy sauce and sugar till sugar has dissolved into soy. This will be the sauce and depending on how sweet or salty you like your food you can adjust as you like. Always start with equal portions, taste and adjust. Set aside till needed.

Step 2

Wash your 2 cups of sushi rice till the water runs almost clear. Then place in rice cooker with 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt. Set to cook. Once the rice is done move to a bowl, or sushi rice bowl/Hangiri. Spread out rice and pour the sake and rice vinegar over the rice and stir with rice spoon till rice is sticky. You can add more of the rice vinegar if you like a bit more flavor to your sushi rice. Let sit room temp while cooking spam.

Step 3

Take your sliced spam and spread them evenly in heated saute pan at about medium high. You may need to work in batches or use a larger saute pan if you want to fit all 8 at once. Sear spam on each side then pour in soy/sugar mixture. The sauce will thicken and reduce to a sticky texture within about 2-4 minutes. Make sure to flip the spam in the sauce to fully coat each piece. Remove from heat and prepare a work station to assemble.

Step 4

Time to assemble. Take a musubi mold or cut the spam can to press and shape rice. Place a strip of nori down on work surface place your mold over the center and spoon a half cup of rice into mold, press rice into place to form. Spoon sauce from pan on to rice in mold and sprinkle with furikake. Place slice of cooked spam over the furikake in the mold then push the musubi from the mold. Wrap the nori over the spam just tight enough and use a bit more of the sauce to get the nori to stick.

There you have it!! You made the first of 8 musubi! Now continue with the rest of the spam till all 8 are done. You can also wrap each of the musubi's in plastic wrap and saving for later. Great for lunches and quick pick nick food.

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